Why Some of our Generation Lives in a Fantasy World

It’s late at night as I write this post. I think about what other people in my generation, Millennials, may be doing: maybe they are out partying, maybe they are out at concerts, maybe they are just sleeping and getting some rest from a long day. They are living the life, as people call it: being happy, making college memories, and making the “best out of their senior years”. However, are they really living the life? Or are they just avoiding problems and living in the moment? Or do they have their lives together and are making the best of everything? Many individuals in our current generation live in a fantasy world, and this post exemplifies those issues and how you can avoid these circumstances.

We live in a generation where going out and having fun all the time is what you should be doing. You have to be doing something “fun” or you have to be on social media to see people having fun. People do not want to be alone, they want to be comforted, loved, and wanted. The feeling of FOMO happens to mostly everyone: fear of missing out. However, what are you really missing out on?

What you are missing out on is, in fact, not much. Instead of focusing on what you’re missing out on, why not take action and do something efficient that does not pertain to your so-called fantasy world?

We all have a fantasy world in our heads. We see it, in particular, on social media; people wishing that they would work for the best company, pursuing a career with the best firm, or becoming millionaires in the future. We can talk all we want about pursuing these career aspirations and endeavors, but do we ever put actions towards them?

I will give an example, nobody in particular. Let’s name him X. X, a Business major, wants to become an account executive for one of the best companies in the world. He talks about it to his friends, he posts about it on social media, and he thinks it’s, in fact, “easy” to get. He does not go to one of the top schools, but still believes with bare minimum work ethic, he will succeed. Although he says these things, he goes out all the time and does not take his academics seriously. He believes he can still get the job for the best companies despite not focusing on academics. He gets below average grades, ultimately failing some of his classes but still believes through connections and networking, he will get “hooked up” for the dream job of his choice. He has no work experience to bring to the table and only believes in these aspects, as the end of his senior year is coming. His transcript and portfolio: 2.2 GPA, no work/leadership/volunteer experience, nothing to show except the excess money he spent going out on his bank statements.

X lives in a fantasy world. He talks about pursuing specific career aspirations, but it is more saying than actual doing. He blames others when he fails, and by doing so, he believes that he will have an edge over others in the so-called “blame game”. He says he does not have “time” to intern or work, yet when given the opportunity to go out and have fun, he does. He says he does not have money to spend on books, on education, or to invest, yet when given the opportunity to go eat out or drink, he drops triple digit figures.

X is a typical individual in today’s society. Yes, nobody is perfect, but nobody wants to be like X when they graduate or when in school. We must get out of this temporary, fantasy world and make our dreams into realities. Instead of saying we are going to do something but not putting any effort into doing it, we should put action towards it because there is no such thing as “free lunch”. Yes, there are such things as connections and networking, but if you have no substance, no character, no mindset, no beneficial ideas for the company you want to work for, then you will be left alone in the dust.

We see this fantasy world every single day. We see people saying they have no money, yet going to every concert they can. We see people saying they have $4 in their bank accounts, yet they have the newest accessories when they come out. We see people saying they have no job, yet they apply to none. We see people saying they do not get good grades, yet they put no effort into their academics.

All of these examples show the real world we live in; full of dreams staying dreams, actions not falling through, and ultimately failures occurring constantly. How can we get out of this fantasy world and make our dreams into realities? We can, but it takes hard work and a strong mindset:

  • Set goals, but incremental ones at first: We all have goals, but they turn out to be like New Year’s Resolutions: they only happen for two weeks then disappear and cease to exist. Sometimes, this happens because our goals are too high, and when we are not able to attain them, we are discouraged. For instance, X said his goal was to work for one of the best companies in the world; however, he did not have any incremental goals at first, such as attaining his first internship or a specific above average GPA. By having incremental goals and then going into bigger goals, it ultimately increases your confidence and builds your potential.
  • Put our words into actions: Instead of talking about doing this or that, actually DO it. I honestly had this problem, and through my experiences, action requires a lot of courage and strength. People will tell you that you cannot achieve your goals, but they themselves are still living in a fantasy world. By putting words into actions, you are ultimately creating the persona for yourself as an individual who makes things actually happen.
  • Be with those who motivate you to do better: Believe it or not, your five closest friends show who you are as a person. They exemplify your work ethic and thought process/mindset. For example, X may be living in a fantasy world because most of his close friends live in the same fantasy world; they want to avoid their problems and go out all the time for temporary happiness when their lives are not together yet. You are who you hang with, and people see that through your own actions and what they say about you.
  • Be academically sound: Have you ever heard the saying “GPA isn’t everything”? Or “C’s get degrees”? The next time someone tells you that, ask them what their GPA is. Most of the time they will not have an academically sound GPA. Be with those who inspire you to get A’s, to get grades above average, not just those who tell you passing is okay. Passing is just okay, but it is always better to strive more than the bare minimum. This mindset will ultimately translate into your work ethic with other aspirations.

Ultimately, I say most of these things because I went through it before. You can get people to feel bad for you, you can play the blame game all you want, but when reality strikes, the real you shows. By pursuing your passions and creating specific goals for you to achieve, you ultimately can make those dreams you think you can only dream about and make them into realities.


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