Work Experience

My first work experience was with Youth Marketing Connection. I was the Lead Campus Ambassador for the application BAND. I created and executed campus events such as Campus Takeover and Band-Aid, raising awareness through incentives and marketing tactics to over 1000 students. I also devised marketing strategies by organizing group presentations to over ten campus organizations, consisting of fraternities, sororities, and business clubs. Then I utilized social media marketing to increase our followers on social media sites, specifically Twitter, to over 20,000 followers through promotions and brand awareness strategies.


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After the Ambassador position, I interned at a start-up company called TobaccGo as a Marketing Intern. During this internship, I helped with the marketing strategy for a service which delivered vape and tobacco products to customers at their door step. I created different events for the company such as the “TobaccGo Vape Giveaway” as well as establish partnerships around Riverside with E-Cig and Loyalty Vape.

During the summer of 2015, I was selected to be a Marketing/Operations Intern for Sherwin-Williams in the Los Angeles area. While being the youngest intern for Sherwin-Williams, I implemented organizational and corporate strategies involving the following: Employee BBQ, Contractor Pro Show, Employee Cheat Sheet for the Sherwin-Williams and Frazee Paint Merger; my project ranked 1st place in the Western Region. I also helped assess monthly financial statements and summary reports to help exceed monthly sales and revenue goals + 10%.


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During my junior year, I was the Lead Ambassador for Atlas College Marketing Group, Inc. and an intern for ProSky. As the Lead Ambassador for Atlas College Marketing Group, Inc., I promoted for the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC). I distributed 500 flyers to science students interested in the medical field and joining the University. I also analyzed promotional strategies and gave input on new strategies that could be implemented to raise more awareness and attract more students to the program.

As the Lead Branding Intern for ProSky, I influenced creation of over 100 student profiles utilizing MailChimp and encouraged the use of training courses in Social Media Marketing, Sales B2B, and other business courses. I devised marketing strategies to raise awareness to over 200 students to the company through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I also created monthly content and edited student blogs discussing advice and tips on interviews, academics, and social life. On a side project, I started a strategic media plan for Cleanify, assessing investors and competitors using the platform Crunch Base. Lastly, I solved problems with the referral program, creating efficiencies for on-boarding of new hires.

To help keep me busy at school and pay for rent, I worked at UC Riverside’s Student Recreation Center as a Front Counter Assistant. I worked here for over two years, as I was recognized for my work in the UCR SRC Spotlight.

UCR SRC Spotlight

During the summer of 2016, I joined Kohl’s as a Store Operations Intern in the Los Angeles area. I performed not only manager duties but also in other fields such as finance, strategy, and operations. I reviewed financial statements on monthly business summary reports and dashboard recaps, analyzing product comparable percentages and penetration rates for district managers to increase store efficiency and solution development. I collaborated with senior management to leverage productivity in sales, credit, and survey goals from -15% to 5% MTD by optimizing each employee’s customer service skills and productivity.


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Coming into my senior year, I told myself I would be as productive as possible by taking on multiple work and leadership positions. I was elected as the CHASS Senator for my school, as I was elected with the most votes out of any senator on the slate. As a CHASS Senator, I managed a $1.6 million budget consisting of student funds, organizing meetings to allocate over $10,000 every week to student organizations and initiatives involving grants, cultural events, and university projects. I advised students and faculty during own office hours for 10 hours per week. I worked on different projects including the Academic TestBank System, ASUCR Career Fair, Networking Events, and SOBA Legislation.


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I was also the Director of Finance for UCR’s School of Business. During this position, I helped coordinate the Business Organization Fair, helping connect over 200 UCR students with representatives from different organizations such as Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Society, and the Undergraduate Business Association. I helped organize fundraisers, create events, and maintain expenses relative to developed budget of $850. I also collaborated with UCR School of Business representatives on improvements and students relations.


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I took on an internship during my senior year Winter and Spring Quarter, as I was a Marketing and Strategy Intern for Goodwin’s Organics. I created strategic implementations regarding competitors, target markets, and demographics. I also formed business plans that strategically involved creating acai bowls and stamp cards to help increase revenues significantly. Lastly, I utilized marketing tactics incorporating social media marketing, direct marketing, and promotional marketing, reaching out to thousands of students at UC Riverside.


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