The Day in the Life of a 5AMer

It’s 4:45AM. I press the snooze button and think whether or not to get up and start my day. Eventually, I get out of my bed, brush my teeth, and leave the house by 5:00AM. I start work at 6:30AM, but I leave the house early to beat traffic when going to Los Angeles and to workout right before I officially start my day.

According to statistics, only 8% of Americans wake up at 5:00AM; however, if you calculate how many CEOs wake up before 6:00AM, statistics show that 90% of top executives wake up before then (Cite: Inc.). Why is this the case?

I started of this article with these statistics because it shows how executives, CEOs, and many others start their days. It isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but it takes motivation and strength to wake up “early” as people will say. Most people will have multiple alarms on to wake up early in the day but ultimately press the snooze button every single time it rings; in perspective, they are not considered lazy but just prefer to sleep over waking up before the sun rises.

Most people wake up later in the day; however, why do people start their days at 5:00AM? Here are some reasons why being a 5AMer could work for you:

  1. Increases Productivity: When you wake up at 5:00AM, you will gain “productive energy”. This is gained through sleep the night before; just make sure you do not sleep too late before waking up at 5:00AM. This also improves yourself and develops good habits.
  2. It’s a Head Start to your Day: Most people wake up at this time because they want a head start to their day; they could go for a run or workout without having to worry about it later on after work. They feel accomplished and get “things out of their way” before their day even technically starts. It creates efficiency in the work they do and time for other occasions throughout the day.
  3. Less Distractions: Since the percentage of individuals is relatively low when waking up at 5:00AM, you most likely won’t be constantly on your phone texting, reading over multiple emails, or distracted on social media sites. More goals that you set in the beginning of your day will be accomplished without distractions. You see the benefits of not using technology or consistently having “fomo” towards what is happening in the online world; according to a TED talk I watched, our generation uses social media 3x more than socializing in person. During this time, it is quieter without people interrupting you.
  4. Early Morning Workouts: I personally wake up early to workout from 5:30AM until I start work. By doing early morning workouts, you are able to save part of your day after work or later on for more important things. Also, by working out early in the morning, you are able to get a good sweat before and have a “good pump” to start your day.
  5. More Time Overall: Do you ever find yourself struggling to find time in your day to do certain things? We always want to have time to hang out with friends, work out, or simply relax at home with family. By being a 5AMer, you can start your day off right by being more productive and saving time later on.

To motivate yourself to wake up early, set up multiple alarms; don’t just press the snooze button when it goes off but actually get out of bed. Whether it’s waking up to workout or to get important things done, be prepared the night before. Have your workout clothes on already or near your bed ready to go. Have your important work that needs to be done on your desk or ready on your laptop. Those 10-15 minutes of preparing the night before may not be much in your eyes, but it will pay off. When you wake up, you will be ready to go instead of taking time to get ready and then resorting back to sleeping the morning away because it “takes too long”.

Some people can wake up at 5:00AM but others can’t, as it has both its pros and cons. It is up to you to see what type of person you are; are you a night-owl, a light sleeper, have nostalgia, or an early riser? CEOs and entrepreneurs such as Evan Spiegel, Mark Zuckerberg, and Gary Vaynerchuk didn’t just slept in every day; they woke up and literally rose to the occasion to make their companies and lives better, not only for their benefit but for others as well. The possibilities are endless, as the 5AMer follows in the footsteps of current top management so they can one day be in that position. People say, work hard now so that you don’t have to worry later, and I believe this is true; life is sometimes too exciting to just sleep on.


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