The Pursuit of Sna-Happyness in Tech

Happyness. In the movie “Pursuit of Happyness”, Chris faces many challenges, whether it is regarding his living situation, his job search, or taking care of his son; despite these circumstances, he always remains content and optimistic.

I always wondered why “happyness” is spelled with a “y” instead of an “i” in the movie. Sources say that it was due to his son’s daycare misspelling the word incorrectly on a mural, others say it was just a typo. But I truly believe the “y” signifies “you” and your own happyness. We all have different definitions of happiness, and we are all searching for the definitive answer to the reoccurring question of “what makes you happy?”.

During my job search, that was ultimately the question I wanted answered when pursuing a career. I wanted to work somewhere where I was truly happy, not just going to work hating what I did or to work a 9-5, but to be where “happyness” was exemplified in the work I did and with the people I was with.

My long-term goal was to get into the tech industry, specifically in the Business field; however, that goal was soon achieved when the opportunity at Snap presented itself through hard-work, perseverance, and networking. It was a great feeling to start my career in tech, a career I aspire to stay in for years to come.

Throughout my time at Snap and in the tech industry, it has been a great experience. I have taken away so much knowledge and information, whether it is regarding improving operations processes, working on the new update, and other impactful projects.

Here are the some takeaways from the past months being in the tech industry:

Pursuit 1

1) Innovation is the motivation: What drives a professional in tech? During my time at Snap, what really drove me was creating innovative ways to improve processes or to help the greater good of the company. For example, I worked on improving macro languages for a better user experience, created infographics to help visual learners with on-boarding material, and even this idea for webinars called “Snapinars”. There isn’t a “no” answer to innovation; if it can be thought of and created, it can possibly be implemented.

2) Tech comes with change:Every week is a new week, and there are always changes occurring in the tech industry; these can be regarding our own internal processes, people joining and leaving the company, or how society sees tech through an outside perspective. This is why it is always important to adjust to these changes and why tech companies are always looking for these type of individuals to join their teams.

Pursuit 2

3) Work isn’t seen as just work: In other words, love what you do with the people you love (or just like being around). At Snap, it was always great meeting others. Everyone is very welcoming and open to discussion and ideas. We even had our own Valentine’s Day Secret Santa where I received some wireless earphones (thanks Jake!). By having fun in the career you are in, it will ultimately translate to your own personal life and how you speak about your career to others.

4) Flexibility = Longevity: At work, hours were very flexible for our schedules. I set up my schedule for the earliest shift from 5:30AM to 2:00PM Sunday to Thursday. This allowed me to lead workshops and events after work for my leadership position on the Board of Directors at the Association of Latino Professionals For America. A company that cares about their workers understands that there other things to life than just work. They care about your well-being and want you to be the best you can be on and off work hours.

For anyone who is looking to join the tech industry and find a career there, these are some of the steps I would recommend:

1) Networking Never Stops: When I was at Snap, I tried my best to meet someone new every single day, write it in my notes on my phone who they were, what position they held, and what they did for the company. Then I’d add them on LinkedIn, and whenever I saw them around the office, I would call out their name with a simple “Hello _____, how are you today?”. This concept of recognizing others by name and remembering who they are builds rapport with these individuals on different teams. Try to meet someone new everyday wherever you work!

2) Reach out to others via LinkedIn: Leverage your network, especially on LinkedIn. One of the keys is to reach out to alum from your school. For example, suppose you attend/graduated from Voldemort University. If you saw that a professional worked in x company and graduated from your same university, send them a personalized invitation and connect with them regarding their experiences at x company as well as any advice they’d have on applying. This ultimately sets you on a better path than most simply because you may get to know the ins and outs of the application/interview process and at the end of the day be referred to a position.

3) Look at the big picture: If you don’t get into the tech industry for your first job out of college, no need to worry! As people say, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint”. Many people get into the tech industry later on in their careers because they then gain the experiences and qualifications necessary to be a great fit for the positions.

4) Keep your connections close: Whether it is meeting a professional at an event or connecting on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, keep your connections in the loop! Try to send an email to people who you’ve connected with an update every few month months and also inquire about how they have been since you both last spoke. This concept keeps your connections updated as well as shows that you haven’t forgotten about them. You never know if they might have a position open at their company they can refer you to!

In conclusion, finding your own happyness depends on your own definition. Some people are happy and content in the positions they are in because they are living their best lives in their eyes. Others are still looking for that happyness and want something more than what they already have. Happyness translates to success; hopefully, we can all be on that pursuit of happyness just as Chris was.

Want to read more of my articles/experiences? Please visit my website at Thank you for your continued support and looking forward to connecting with more of you!



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